Introducing the Retreats. Completely Custom Therapy in Nature

Our name is Body Devotion, because we believe that gratitude for our body must extend to our earth. Through the healing and reconnection to her, only then can we truly find healing. Devotion to our body and to our earth, asks us to slow down and find the slow methodical middle path that ensures us a beautiful future. We invite you to take this healing journey with us underneath the beautiful jungle canopy. Come into her arms and rest.

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The Store and the garden. Foods, herbs, medicines and other solutions.

This may very well be our variety store of locally made things that we love. Its an eclectic mix of what we have available. We are just beginning so please be patient, there is so much more to come.

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Nature Based Body Oils and Lotions

Bourne of our realization that many commercially available lotions and oils were full of preservatives and toxic chemicals. Stuff we really didn't want on our skin or yours. 

We thought to really nourish the skin we need oils and vitamins, and extracts of plants in their purest, most natural form directly to skin. Much like we would nourish our bodies through cooking. 

We committed ourselves to making our own and cooking up real nourishment for the skin, that feels, good , smells amazing and has a decent shelf life w/ out all the Chems. 

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The Clinic, The Practitioners and Supporting Small businesses.

All of our Practitioners love what they do as much as we do. We believe in the healing work. The hands on work. We are Licensed Professionals and Independent Practitioners who are committed to bringing you quality wholistic heath services.

We have over 30 years off combined experience in our given disciplines. :)

If you would like to join our team please drop us a message.

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Of course all of our above in person offerings adhere to the current Covid measures in place at the time, according to the local health authority. ( Has to be said.. )

We have been fortunate to be safe and still in business. We sincerely hope one day this will end, but in the mean time we keep going and adapting for you our community. Thank you for your support we couldn't have survived this without you.

We do hold dear the idea of creating a healthier future for all of us, and a way through. We want to continue to develop this section to showcase and list links in our local areas of business and people who are committed to a sustainable future.

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