Acupuncture benefits your everyday life.

We'd like to show you how this centuries-old procedure helps you improve how you feel.

Anyone unfamiliar with acupuncture might be wary of what a bunch of tiny needles can do for the body. Despite their disbelief, there are numerous levels of care delivered through the practice of acupuncture. 

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Why choose acupuncture?

Did you know that energetic meridians are invisibly mapped on the body are finely tuned to enhance your physical and emotional well being?

These meridians are essential to unlocking the body's ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture is safe and effective

Acupuncture can relieve stress, encourage healing, be used to resolve deeper and more chronic conditions, great for muscle knots or postural issues and trauma. Often the results will last longer than with the treatment of massage alone.

People often come to Acupuncture first for the physical benefits but become enamoured by its ability to ease emotions, improve digestion, concentration and sleep.

Acupuncture is a great example of finding the source of relief and healing within the body rather than from external sources.

It makes the body release naturally occurring chemicals and painkillers to ease pain and speed up healing.

We can help. The question typically comes with answers that include words like natural, self-healing, acupoints, and of course, needles.

Acupuncture is a rather delicate balance between neurology and human energy.

The concept centers around the philosophy of Yin and Yang. These are two opposing forces, but when they are in a balanced state, then the body is healthy.

Acupuncture channels this concept. A free and constant flow of energy serves to ensure these remain balanced. A block in this stream results in a disruption of the often very delicate balance here. This leads to pain or a state of ill-health.

Now, this is where acupuncture comes in.

Acupuncture removes this block allowing the energy to keep flowing, thereby, stimulating function and triggering self-healing.

Modern medicine has acknowledged the effectiveness of acupuncture. Once a qualified acupuncturist determines where the precise acupoints on the body are, they can stimulate them with fine needles. All one has to do is lie or sit down and let the energy flow through them.

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Benefits of Acupuncture

The benefits of acupuncture are numerous and undeniable.

While acupuncture might not exactly cure diseases, it has been known to alleviate the symptoms (especially pain) of several conditions including:

- Hayfever
- Menstrual cramps
- Pain for peptic ulcers
- Headaches
- Knee pain
- Back pain
- Nausea sprains
- Tennis elbow
- Dental pain
-Postoperative pain

This shows that it will be well worth it to have an acupuncturist as part of a patient's medical team. That way, they can rest assured of a holistic approach to their healing process. This is especially excellent for athletes with sports-related injuries to reduce the need for painkillers.

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