BodyDevotion’s annual spring cleanse is back! We’re back and in green baby ;)
Green on the inside Clean on the inside! 2020 was the first year we didn’t get to run our cleanse program.

 In the past 7 years we have run the cleanse, many clients participated, and who were able to change some really big things. Some lost weight, some major lifestyle changes, some spiritual..some have even been able to reduce their medication. We're not making promises, however I think you could agree with us that the time for change is now. 

Its been a long and hard pandmeic and we find ourselves wanting to back to simple things

One way we love to love ourselves and our body is with proper nutrition which includes herbs and teas and tinctures of plants which do much of the healing for us. 

Our cleanse this year is focused around this concept and it will take you approx 3-4 weeks to complete and you can do all your usual stuff during this time :)



 Al la Carte cleanse: $150

 You get the kit which includes herbs to cleanse the liver, the blood and the lungs, the alkaline diet plan, but you are self directed. 

Cleanse + Treatments basic: $150 + All services 10% off.

You get the kit and there is more support. We schedule you in a few treatments (1-3) during your cleanse, this will help your body cleanse and heal specific areas and we can do check ins and adjustments if necessary. 

Cleanse + Treatments package Advanced: $150 + All services 15% off.

You get the kit and there is even more support. We schedule you in a treatment at least 1x per week. (3-6) during your cleanse. 

 To set up your cleanse program or for more information please contact us directly by phone or by email (link at the bottom) or talk to one of us at the clinic at your next apt. 

Devotion is defined as an ardent and selfless dedication towards a person or principle.
We believe that person is each of us, and that principle is becoming our best selves.
We believe through practices such as cleansing, yoga and body therapies like Acupuncture, Massage and Chiropractic, it is possible to not only enhance our physical well being, but to inspire happiness and the strength to live the life of our dreams both for ourselves and others.  

Services We Offer To Restore You Back To Health

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us?

Friendly Service
We're experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process, we're also here to make you feel great. Whether you're here for a one-hour service or an entire day, your happiness is of utmost importance!
Relaxing Environment
From the moment you walk in the door, our focus is on your complete relaxation. From massage to chiropractic adjustments our services are a great way to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life. Come take a break with us.
High-Quality Products
Many people underestimate the effect high-quality lotions and oils have on a spa treatment. We guarantee our all-natural products help you with that extra feeling of zen. If you fall in love, anything is available for purchase!
"Very respectful and knowledgeable staff. Can’t wait to go back and continue my treatments."

- E.Donnan

"The staff here is absolutely incredible!! They take the time to ask the right questions and work with you on an effective treatment plan."

- E.Garossino

Relax, Unwind and Heal, from our hands to your hearts we welcome you.
Now accepting new Patients, old Patients, and everybody. Every and all bodies, all shapes, all sizes, all genders and all colours.
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